Conference: “The Global 1860s” (Princeton, NJ, October 15-17, 2015)

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The Global 1860s

OCTOBER 15-17, 2015

The long 1860s witnessed an extraordinary sequence of global developments. Massive conflicts rocked the Americas, Europe, South Asia, and parts of the Caribbean and the Pacific world, while even regions relatively untouched by warfare—such as North Africa, Russia and Japan—experienced momentous political transformations. Simultaneously, the decade saw major shifts in science, communications, art, economics, and the politics of gender. This conference brings together scholars from many different areas of expertise to discuss how far there was a “global 1860s”—and what this might mean.

The organizers for the conference are Linda Colley, Princeton and Matthew Karp, Princeton.
If you would like to register to attend the conference, email Patricia Zimmer at pzimmer @
Sponsored by Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies, the Oxford University Centre for Global History, and the Princeton Program in American Studies.